Friday, 25 November 2016

Autumn leaf viewing in Kyoto 2016

 My Indonesian friends came to Osaka on 20.Nov and stay one week here.  Autumn leaves are very beautiful now,so I took them to Kyoto yesterday for autumn leaf viewing.  Kyoto city is surrounded by mountains except the southern side and  most famous viewing spots are located at the foot of mountains.  We didn't have enough time for visiting far viewing spots or overcrowded places such as Eikando or Kinkakuji. We hired a tourist taxi for two hours,becuae my Indonesian friends are not young and cannot walk long I should have chosen an accessible and flat place in the city.

 Finally I chose Kitanotenmagu where located near in the center of Kyoto city,but I have never been there before,therefore I was quite doubtful whether we could really enjoy autumn leaf viewing in the such location of the central city,but my choice was right.  Traffic jam in Kyoto is terrible during the time of autumn leaf viewing.  I recommend to use publick transportation for visiting famous tourist spots in Kyoto.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Best Guest House in Osaka newly opened

 Last month a new guest house opened in Osaka  which is highly recommended for backpackers.
Its location is very convinient for sightseeing,eating and shopping you can make all within 800 meters.

Tennoji park and zoo,municipal museum,japanese garden,temple,shrine,highest building in Japan and real Berlin Wall are existed nearby.  You can enjoy both traditional and modern Osaka in this area.

On 21st and 22nd every month a big flea market is held in the famous temple Shitennoji.
Many antique shops are parcitipated in this flea market,so you can enjoy your serendipity.

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