Thursday, 12 May 2016

Discover unbeaten track of Japan

If you come to Japn in summer,then we recommend you to go to Ushimado and stay there as long as possible.  Ushimado is located about 200KM  westward from Kyoto and it is very easy and fast to get there using by Shinkansen.

Ushimado is not only beach resort but an old fishing town where tourists can enjoy water activities and experience a real life of an old fischermen's town.    There are also  historical temples and shrines,traditional festivals of them are held throughout the year.

Seto Inlandsea is very calm,so it is safe to play any water activities. Sea kayak is  very poplur here because of  encountering a small dolphin "Sunameri" called,if you are lucky.

Enjoy unbeaten track of Japan.