Friday, 26 August 2016

Zen Temple"EIHEIJI"

 Recently I visited a very famous Zen temple"Eiheiji" in Fukui prefecture,which is located in the  serene mountains.  Tourists can visit this temple daytime,but also provide with lodging for people who want to experience ascetic practices and meditate in Zen style here. Steve Jobs also wanted to meditate once at this temple.

 I'm planning to take a shortest course of ascetic practices Sanrou called( two days and one night ¥8000) in autumn. If you want to stay longer and experience harder ascetic practices,then you  should participate in Sanzen(four days and three nights course ¥12000) Foreigners can also experience Zen meditation at Eiheiji temple.  This area is covered with snow deeply in winter,so autumn is the best season for beginners.

If you are interested in ascetic practice at Eiheiji please contact  the temple directly.
You can get more information about Eiheiji in English from the following URL.

Friday, 12 August 2016

A family run Japanese style inn

 If your purpose of visiting Japan is not only sightseeing but trying to experience Japanese way of life,then we recommend to stay at a minshuku(a family run Japanese style inn).
We introduce minshuku Furusato which is located on an island of Seto inland sea,there are seven minshuku on this island(Maejima) but only Furusato has their own beach(private baech).

You can get to Maejima from Ushimado habor(Okayama prefecture) only 5 minutes by a shuttle ferry. You can make one day trip to popular tourist spots from Maejima very easily,so don't worry about isolation. You can enjoy fresh sea food and a beautiful sight at very reasonable cost.